Confidence & Body Image

Have you ever met someone who despite constant reassurance and approval, lacks confidence in their abilities? Or perhaps you know someone who thinks they are fantastic at what they do, despite other people telling them otherwise?

This happens because our unconscious holds a set of beliefs about us that stay the same, regardless of external factors. So a singer who believes deep in their unconscious that they have a terrible voice, will likely avoid performing, even if people tell them they have a great voice.

So, how do we overcome these deep-seated beliefs? As these beliefs dwell in our unconscious, this is where the change must take place.

Hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind and uses the power of suggestion to facilitate positive change. These suggestions can be tailored to help improve confidence levels. Generally these suggestions will be positive and made in the present tense. For example the phrase “you feel confident in everything you do” would be used rather than “you no longer doubt yourself”. The theory behind this is that the unconscious can’t differentiate between “you have” and “you no longer have”.

What happens during a hypnosis for confidence session?

To begin with, your hypnotherapist will talk to you about what you hope to achieve with hypnotherapy. They will likely ask questions about your past to try and establish any root causes or triggers for the way you feel. The therapist will then explain how hypnosis for confidence works, explaining the process for you so you know what to expect. If you have any questions that have not been covered by your hypnotherapist, be sure to ask.

Once you are both happy with what you plan to do, your hypnotherapy will begin. You will be guided into a highly relaxed state. You will not be asleep and you will be aware of what is happening throughout. Once you are in this state, your hypnotherapist will communicate with your unconscious, using questions and suggestive statements to challenge your limiting beliefs.

The statements used will depend on your personal circumstances and will relate to any particular confidence issues you feel you have.

The premise behind hypnotherapy is that when your unconscious believes you are confident, this translates to your conscious. This therefore changes your thought patterns and actions to improve your confidence.

What happens after my hypnotherapy session?

The number of hypnosis for confidence sessions you’ll need will depend on your individual circumstances, but this is something you can discuss with your hypnotherapist. After your session is over, it is likely that your hypnotherapist will recommend you listen to pre-recorded sessions regularly to reiterate the suggestions.

Your hypnotherapist may also teach you some self-hypnosis techniques to use as and when you need them. Listening to recordings and carrying out self-hypnosis are easy ways to continue working on your confidence levels after your session is over.


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