Fears & Insecurity


Overcome fear and release phobias quickly with natural and organic methods and hypnosis. Physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety can be sweating, difficulty breathing, difficulty thinking, and feelings of panic.  Some anxiety in life is to be expected when you take a test, visit the doctor or get married.  This type of anxiety is fleeting.  If your anxiety sticks around continuously it is time to get some help.

Anxiety can be controlled and alleviated through relaxation techniques. The source of the anxiety can be rooted out and released, leaving you more relaxed, calm and in control. Read a short research paper about this subject.

Types of anxiety successfully treated with hypnosis:

  • Agoraphobia is the fear of going out. Hypnotherapy can help with the fear symptoms. If you can visualize going out in your mind, then you can physically accomplish it.
  • Bed wetting is usually a problem for younger children, although some teens and adults have the problem. Through hypnosis the mind can be “trained” to wake up to go to the bathroom, or to sleep a little lighter so that the sensations of needing to urinate can be felt. Underlying problems can be addressed.
  • Driving produces some anxiety or stress in everyone. When it becomes a problem where it limits where you can travel, hypnosis can get you “back on the road” safely and securely.
  • Flying, especially after 911, has become stressful for a lot of people. You can reclaim your comfort level in the air with a few sessions of hypnosis.
  • General anxiety can happen to anyone and the reason may not be apparent. Hypnotherapy can remove the symptoms and help you find the cause.
  • Public speaking is anxiety producing even for those who are good at it! The cause is insecurity, making projections of what other people think, and embarrassment. In just a few sessions you can be confident and more comfortable in front of a few people or a large group.
  • Shyness stems from an over focus of yourself in front of others. With hypnosis you can temper or eliminate this discomfort, allowing you to be more comfortable socially.
  • Stress anxiety happens from overloads at work, home and with too many personal problems. Hypnosis can help you find better coping mechanisms.
  • Test taking often produces anxiety. When the emotions come up, it is hard for the subconscious mind to concentrate on what you learned. Calming down gives you access to the library in your mind!

“Lydia is incredible!  Every session I’ve had with her has given me incredible immediate results!  I am so thankful to have found her.  She’s helped me tremendously with my new career path, as well as my confidence and dating life!  I highly recommend her!”

– Jen B.


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