Weight Loss

Have you been struggling with weight loss your whole life?
Has weight loss has always been your biggest struggle?
Do you find yourself wanting to lose weight but feel like food is controlling you and can’t stop?
Do you feel like you keep needing to “start over” every single Monday on your diet because you seem to want both to eat what you love but also want to feel healthy and proud of yourself?

That is where hypnosis comes in.

The truth is, losing weight is actually a very simple process. But we tend to make it difficult for ourselves. The reason people struggle to lose weight is because there are a number of pre-conditioned habits that we have trouble breaking and prevent us from moving forward. Things like emotional and binge eating, alcohol, cravings, and fear of unwanted attention are all a result of our past experiences and can keep us in the yo-yo dieting sequence for for our whole lives. And no amount of willpower or accountability will help you to be able to maintain your goals if you are trying to always fight an uphill battle. This includes feelings of deprivation and carb cravings. Lydia works one-on-one with individuals with a personalized 12-week positive habit formation and exercise program that guarantees results in as little as 6 weeks, and provides lifestyle solutions as opposed to a temporary solution that only masks the real problem.

Break through all the mental noise and struggle to create the healthy, fit, and the positive habits you need to, in order to create a life and a body that you love and feel proud to be in. Services include personalized meal plans, customized workout and weight loss plans, and weekly life-coaching and sessions where we recondition your mind and habits to put you on a customized wellness plan to your dream healthy body.

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12 Week 25 Pound Transformation



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