Weight Loss

Do you find yourself wanting to lose weight but sabotaging yourself at the same time? Do you feel like you keep needing to “start over” every single Monday on your diet because you seem to want both to eat what you love but also want to feel healthy and proud of yourself? That is where hypnosis comes in.

The reason men and women struggle to lose weight, is because there is an internal subconscious block. And no amount of willpower or accountability will help you to be able to attain and maintain your goals. The secret is to release the internal block that is preventing the weight from melting off effortlessly, building up self confidence and self-esteem, and helping you find value and meaning in why you want to change your body in the first place.

Lydia works 1-on-1 with you to help them overcome the mental noise and struggle to create the healthy, fit, and the positive habits you need to create a life that you love. Services include personalized meal plans, customized workout and weight loss plans, and weekly hypnosis sessions where we break through eating disorders, food addiction, cravings, put you on a wellness plan to your dream healthy body.

12 Week 25 Pound Transformation


10 Month 100 Pound Transformation


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